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  1. copy and paste it it's spelled wrong lol
  2. Hey so for iNH fully im editing the outro/credits/thank yous

    asking for Threat to be a part

    doing an epic slowmo to "awesome instrumental" by Dire Straits anyways asking all of our favs to please please be a part esentially what we'd be asking for is if the team can wrap up maybe one pan shot/hero of the team or at least a bunch of members and 1-2 clips from each member. Hi-res 50% no need for 100% as wont be any skate sounds. also VIGNETTING REMOVED this is important as i may be messing with the dimensions. If you can wrap it up in a bow and megaupload it to me with the clips marked for skaters that be awesome and most appreciated. Anywys it be super swell lol 2 weeks is the deadline but i don't believe in deadlines so at least just let me know you guys are in thats all i ask.
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