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  1. hey dude i have an idea for the collab. we can make one at the maloof money cup if you want. if you're down just upload the clips in SD
  2. yeah sure. i wont be able to get any cap clips because i dont have any dlc but ill take any clips you want. and yeah ill add you
  3. you down to edit? i can send you the clips. we can shred a park if you have one or just all the CAPs. i don't really like editing, but if you want me to i will. my gamertag is rochskate so just add me
  4. but do you want the clips uploaded in SD or HD cuz i usually upload my clips in SD
  5. oooh i was just thinking i could send you a few guest clips your way for whatever you're doing. yeah im on xbox
  6. yooo you trying to do a mini collab?! you on xbox?
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