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Thread: Sup. Air here.

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    Default Sup. Air here.

    Howdydiddledoo. I'm Air. Air was my username of choice on tons of games, so... Here it is again. I can't skateboard in real life. Not yet anyway, I've used a few rubbish boards before but couldn't get the hang of it, now I'm getting a proper board for my birthday and trying again. Yes, I am a girl. No biggie, hopefully.
    I love Skate 3, and heard this was a place where the community was still alive.
    My Xbox live Gamertag is: The Ponderay
    Also, my skate 3 online team is: Positiv

    Nice meeting y'all.

    Oh, edit: Just thought I'd add that I'm 12 going 13 in April. Just because I'm young doesn't mean I'm totally stupid. ;D

    Another edit: Just realised its April... So at the end of April.
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    Welcome to fluckit!

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    yah well i was the pioneer of skate 3 porn, so there.

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