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Thread: Message and new staff members

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    Default Message and new staff members

    First off welcome Clay and Knex as new mods
    Hats off boys and thanks for helping out. This spam can only infect the site and cause problems
    Lately I have been getting complaints about pop ups and infections running a muck. Hopefully with some more eyes we can put a stop to this.

    And now to the stupid part:
    Fluckit ran smoothly for a long time without any bullshit. No e-dicks and no fake account bullshit. When EA went to hell a lot of the garbage we hid from over here spilled into our comfy site. We were vocal about not wanting any of this shit over here and got a lot of flack for it. I personally am glad a lot of you still have a place to enjoy this franchise and share your art. And for the most part a lot of you contribute to this dieing community and that's dope. But I wont tolerate this fake account bullshit and un called for attacks like you mean something or you are better than someone else who plays a fucking video game. Giving your opinion is one thing, saying something that you know will piss someone off is another. We used to be able to give out our personal email or even a phone number in the chatbox, trusting who we were talking to knowing we were all friends. Seeing a thread in the introduction section with solid members welcoming you knowing your just a current member with a agenda pisses me off. If you don't like this leave, its that simple. I don't care if one member a day comes here. As long as its a chill laidback environment then its fine with me. This is the kind of bullshit we were all afraid of, now you know.
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    Thank you, even though I just joined, all of these dicks joining pisses me off. If all you're gonna do is rip on other people, then leave.

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    yah well i was the pioneer of skate 3 porn, so there.

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    Word. They should all go back to EA. Then there would be people over there for me to mod ahaha

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    i have no idea who you're talking about
    but i love fluckit :3

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