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Thread: Skate 2 Solo 6 With special guest Mr. Blue!!! (Who remembers Mr. Blue?)

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    Cool Skate 2 Solo 6 With special guest Mr. Blue!!! (Who remembers Mr. Blue?)

    I'm having fun with all these editing shenanigans! Really wish I wasn't so lazy about editing back in the day haha. I still have some more s2 clips lying around, so I'll be back with more! Filming this was a little painful (I tried filming with that stupid delay on the pvr preview screen on my laptop), sorry if it takes away from the video. I really feel like this is my best fake skating ever (of course I waited until 2015 to not suck lolol). Hope you guys enjoy!

    Also, I'd like to dedicate that ghetto hurricane to blunt to Demz. That was the first one I've landed since you told me to try that shit way back before s3 dropped. I feel like I cheated by using that spot though hahaha.

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    very sick job! 180 to 5050 was my favourite

    the editing, song choice, skating etc. fitted perfectly together. nice to hear you'll be doing more of these, will look forward to your future vids!

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    sick stuff you may be able to improve your cap card quality if you go to your xbox settings and set it to full screen. it looks a bit stretched out and i remember that my cap card did the same thing until i went into the settings and set it to full screen. also make sure that you set everything to max quality in the settings

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    Solid edit, like said, everything was sick.

    Also, another tip for quality that I always use, is to film everything at half speed then speed it up again in the edit. My laptop sometimes causes my cap-card to drop a frame here and there, and by using this trick it becomes almost unnoticeable.

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    Really appreciate the feedback guys! Will take all that advice into consideration for he next batch of clips I record! I'm new to all this hd shenanigans lol. Was using a dazzle way back in the day haha XD

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    Shameless bump because I'm feeling nostalgic. Also, my buddy gave me his cap card again, time to record what's left on my reel!!

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