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    Default Graphics Distribution

    I love the thought of possibilities in the morning.
    Have some coffee, look this over!

    So I stumbled across a legit looking website for t-shirts a while ago.
    It got me thinking about the talent here.
    Now, I don't know how you dudes would approach selling your work.
    If this doesn't sit well with you guys its all good, just a thought.
    It doesn't have to be this site either.
    So the site (if we were to choose one) usually takes a cut of every product distributed (naturally.)
    Call this a motivation topic if you like.
    I just think the idea of a collection of community designs for sale sounds sick.
    If it ever blew up we could use the money to partner with a board manufacture or something.
    Ive always thought about some kind of skateboard company but how would you start?
    You have to start somewhere right?
    My idea was to have the product sell itself until eventually it ends up on boards.
    So I would think of someone with experience in this area running the show.
    Sign Guy comes to mind but not sure of his availability or interest for the matter.
    This is also my lack of getting to know all you fluckers.
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