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    Woot! Finally got around to making a team.

    Welcome to Misuto.
    We're a fairly (extremely) new team, primarily using Skate 3 on the Xbox.
    We specialize in nice-looking clips and images with a basis realistic street skating.

    AnimeShot5 (Founder, Lead Film Editor)
    Satan Senpai (Primary Skater)
    FlyingPickles (Glitch/Bail Specialist)
    xXMrChadwickXx (Primary Skater)
    Possibly... You? Soon?

    Feel like joining a nice realism team with come cool people?

    Send a message to AnimeShot5, we'll go off to a freeskate session. Set up and show off a decent line (Doesn't matter if you bail, of course, it always takes a few tries), and you're in.
    If you want to join as a film editor, you'll go through the same process, then show off an ingame video. I'll check out your out-of-game skills later, if need be. Good luck!

    Want to contact us? Post here, or send an email to It's checked a few times daily, so we'll respond soon.
    More information coming soon, including YT details.
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