I have to say, I got it at fifty and consider it one of the better game purchases I've made in a while. I've said it before, and will say it again that I haven't thought very highly of any snowboarding game since Amped 2. Loved the jib system and the style mechanic that rewards a smooth slow spin as much as a big hucked one. The point system is a bit ambiguous, but seems heavily rooted in the same clean and styley beats sketchy and flashy motif. I don't know a whole heckofalot about the developers, but they seem to be a good group who support and expand upon their games as time goes on rather than toss something out and call anything to improve it an expansion DLC. The first update brought some really good features, and I'm hoping to see more things like an option to eliminate those bloody run markers soon. I don't really care if XxXMCRFAN46290xXx had a "Totes Dec Run" he wanted to share... I'm out to make my own line!

Anyway, may not replace sliced bread, but it's at least the best snowboarding game I've played in at least a decade.