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Thread: Update 11/7/2016: Infinite Air and Project Session

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    Default Update 11/7/2016: Infinite Air and Project Session

    Hey Fluckers,

    So, the popularity of Infinite Air has sparked the need for a specific forum for the game in my opinion, so you should see that now! I've added a General Discussion, Your Footage, and World Editor subforum to it, just like the Skate forum. So you're familiar with how to use those.

    You may have also noticed that I removed the Project.Session forum (for now). It did not have a post in it since July and besides some no-news updates from Crea-ture Studios, there's really been no progress made towards a final product. If they do make that progress, I'll bring the forums back.

    Thanks everyone!

    Also... .


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    every day project skate has no update i cry

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