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    Default Game Tips!

    I have no clue how to start this off, but having a separate thread to help others with gaming tips seems like a good idea.

    Still learning a lot of stuff myself, I'll start this off with a question, and update this original post when we generate more tips.

    I have no idea how to make the replay editor playback in normal speed. Once I hit left on the d-pad to rewind, it's either rewind more, or go 2x speed forward. I asked moma how it was done on ps4, and he said it was X on the xbone. I swear I tried pushing every button that I didn't already know what it did and nothing makes it play normally. What am I missing?
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    No clue what you're doing wrong Derk, the X button works fine for me (xbox controller on PC)

    Biggest hint I can give everyone though if they're struggling with the Circuit. TWEAK. EVERY. GRAB. The difference between a 56 point jump and an 89 is tweaking the grab half the time. Even if the tweak for the particular grab isn't noticeable in game it counts big time
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    i read something about a patch fixing replays on xbone. it might be bugged for u right now. from their twitter

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    My bad Derk, the xbox patch came out last night.
    So, the D-Pad will let you rewind to where you want the replay viewer to begin playing back video.
    Once you get to the place you want to play from, you press x to see what happened in the viewer.
    In the the viewer you can change the angle by holding LB and moving the right analog stick.
    You can also do this while just riding but it is stuck to the player so sometimes you're riding blind.
    Additionally you can just swap between a couple camera presets using up and down on the d-pad.

    and yeah Luft.
    Tweaked grabs, Nose and tail pressing grinds helps immensely on rails, also doing things switch provides a boost.
    I believe I read that spinning too much can deduct, but I'm unsure about the scoring of flips.
    If you run out of grab variations on the spot you can always do double grabs AND tweak them.

    I was going to suggest everyone adding their name or something to their mountains, there's this weird seeding feature that can drop player runs on your mountain if it's a common mountain name.
    Even if isn't published which is kinda cool but also annoying.

    Size Zero mountains with a 5 or less steepness will make some interesting runs, easy for slope style building.
    Even a number 1 on trees fills a big part of your mountain with trees so I avoid adding any.

    Once I saw the dude making el toro and leap of faith and shit I set out to make some snow covered skate spots and that's been my shit.
    Nothing to share till I make the whole mountain but I suppose that's a tip. Skate spots on snow are mad fun here.
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