So, as many of you have seen (thread here if you haven't:, Daniel Lingen who is the Senior Community Manager at EA tweeted out "#Skate4" on January 27th (FUCKING HYPE MACHINE ENGAGE). I have a hard time believing a Senior member of the EA team would be trolling us, so I'm personally taking this as an early sign that Skate 4 is actually in development. Boom. I hope I'm right.

What does this mean for Fluckit? Well, as you may notice I am cleaning up the forums a bit and trying to get it into shape again, mainly just removing some inactive/irrelevant stickies for now. Debaser and I plan on attempting to bring it back to life in the way it once was. For the time being we're shooting to get a nice, simple homepage up with a News Feed to update with whatever news about Skate 4 starts to come out. If you were around back in the day, you might remember us doing official giveaways and releasing box art before any other news source and we did that via a similar homepage. The forums will still be here, but potentially will have a new url, so be on the look out for that. If you type in, you'll end up at the home page and there will be a tab to arrive at the forums and you can bookmark that if you want to avoid the homepage. Along with that I plan on getting a Twitter account and Youtube account back up for Fluckit.

I won't be doing any of this until I get some form of confirmation that Skate 4 is actually a thing. I'm working on that, but I'm no X7 ALBERT RIGHT??? lol

Anyways, thank you to everyone who has stuck around during all the downtime. The future will hopefully be bright for us and the ancient rules and missions statement of Fluckit being a relaxed, well moderated forum will still ring true. This isn't and never will be the kid's table. Lets hope Skate 4 is happening because I would love for all of us to bring the community back to what it once was. There isn't a group of more creative people in the Skate community than what we had/have on Fluckit. This community has always been what you guys have made it.

-Stokenstein (aka Get Stoked)