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Thread: A day at the Park

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    Default A day at the Park

    Made a new park what better way to show it off then to shred it and throw it in a montage
    (excuse the shitty music) its only in as a joke

    Skyderman Skyderman Does whatever a skyder can, Can he fly no he can't why nottt cause he's a skydermannnnnnnnnn

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    never thought youd use a song like this hahaha
    Quote Originally Posted by echoturbo View Post
    white ghetto
    Quote Originally Posted by Hobbs View Post
    Siock video bro, very good just music is a bit weird imo!

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    Haha, your "shitty music" is someone else's "best-thing-since-sliced-bread" somewhere.

    Tuning out the K-pop music, this was a nice video. Adding it, it was still nice, but funny.

    Mission accomplished.

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