Intel vs AMD, of course I did my own research but I didnt get many answers mostly just "go with intel"
here is my basic run down....

everything Im looking at is on craigslist and pre-owned, but all have gaming mobos and just decent specs all around, however I am wondering about these in particular:
AMD 9590
AMD 8350

Intel i5 6600
Intel i5 6500
Intel i5 4690

Intel i7 6700
Intel i7 4790
Intel i7 5280
Intel i7 4770

-is having a i5 6600 really that much more beneficial than a i5 4690? (which seems to be the most popular gaming processor I see)
-someone shed some light on this whole action, where dem geeks at?

- is a i7 really that much better than a 8 core AMD?
- for rendering AND gaming is AMD or Intel the way to go?

- Im looking for all the info I can get, for reals... lay it on me please, I want to know!!..... My main use will be 3d rendering/game design stuff/editing... and then of course games too
- Im fine with GPU info, I got them bitches down just fine... its the processor and mobos that get me

HELP PALS!! or dont, whatever