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Thread: Dev Stream from 12/20/17 - New Indoor Park

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    Default Dev Stream from 12/20/17 - New Indoor Park

    Someone from the discord recorded the whole live stream and I threw it up on YT in case anyone missed it.

    Quote Originally Posted by The Gospel According to Roc
    Roccityroller: all hail, for here i am, thy master
    Roccityroller: and unto my people i say, let there be eight wheels
    Roccityroller: and replay editors
    Roccityroller: and thus it was written, all of skatefluckit came to thy roccity and asked "what for ist 'realistic' thy lord"
    Roccityroller: and thy lord responded, "my people, get drunk and have fun, for thus is the rollerblade"
    Roccityroller: and the people rejoiced and provided the roccity with gifts of alcohol and illicit drugs

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    Nice! I only got watch for a few when it was live.

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