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Thread: THE PSYTANIC VERSES (or c u l8r)

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    Default THE PSYTANIC VERSES (or c u l8r)

    hey look there's a psychonaut youtube channel now.

    i'm going on hiatus and this is what i've got left. i'm moving and blah blahblahblahblahblahblah i'll be back later. cleaned out my clip folder and this is what was there.

    this is also my last part until skate 3, as i'm sure a lot of you get as bored with it as i do. session vids, montages, and things like that not withstanding, i'm done till may.

    take it sleazy. nobody rape each other.

    (video might still be processing and quality might look like shit.)
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    lovely introanimation
    hey your nude, how unneccesary
    046 kickflip nosemanny
    048 inwardheel into the bank was so soft
    114 line down that chute was precise
    135 doubleflip front board the duffy, knees bent yee
    147 varial heelflip into the street, best angle yet on that gap for sure
    210 i like how you stop on the platform
    228 flared out
    302 double nollie heel, love this shot, awesome slomo to top it off, and running down last set of stairs.
    edited like you edited it

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    yeah man, so good. Loved the towed behind the car to wallie fakie pivot 180 or whatever that was. So good. Loved how you filmed and styled out that varial heel. Those two were my favorites. But it was all good. Great edit. Always a pleasure sir.

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    Destroying it as usual. Im still going to use another Electric Wizard song, I dont care--you cant stop me.

    Stacks line--cab back lip is sick; love the dual fisheye. bigspin back tail bigspin--double ramp, kf lip nosegrind tap is insane, fs noseblunt, awesome double kf front board too. Gap to smith, big varial heel to the street, good to see clay--highjacking your vids instead of making his own. Sick fs handplant on the railing, Matrix line is killer--50-50 wallie, bank to wall blunt fakie, huge gap ollie to the street, airwalk boardslide, and the nollie double heel was one of the best things ever--filmed perfect.

    Sad news that this is your last 'solo' till skate 3 but at least you'll still be around to make us all look bad.

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    Salaman Rushdie FTW!
    "Bene's tranny skating is still sick as ever. Bene just loves them trannys."--Nolan

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    Robley, that was sick. Music just barely raw enough to be in the same vid as your skating, a couple freak tricks, front board ollie south salad or some kind of madness, craziest looking trick I've seen in awhile.

    kf front lip to crooks was just a mind fuck

    "like a gnarly dog on PCP with gold teeth biting your face."

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