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Thread: Ghetto Spot solo. in HC.

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    Default Ghetto Spot solo. in HC.


    New here. Been using the EA Skate forums for a while but there are so many people posting there, threads soon get lost and stuff is missed. Been reading this forum for a bit and it seems to be less chaotic and more user friendly.

    Anyways, here is a montage I put together. Still getiing used to the filmer pack but I thought it was pretty cool.

    Any feedback is appreciated.


    At The Ghetto Spot

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    That line at 1:12 was the bee's knee's, and besides that I liked the part at the ghetto spot

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    I use Windows Movie Maker so the quality and effects aren't upto much.
    Vids not all that, but skating and filming is so fun and rewarding.

    Love this game.
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    I enjoyed the realism of your trick selection specifically in your grinds. Popping out in the middle of ledges, not getting too over complicated in flip in flip out, etc.. all makes for really clean lines. It may not be hard to do but adds style and personality.

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