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Thread: LMSL Parks / CAP Faction - Post Ofice 63043 (XBOX,DLC)

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    Default LMSL Parks / CAP Faction - Post Ofice 63043 (XBOX,DLC)

    Park Name: Post Office 63043
    Type: Realistic Rebuild / Hardcore
    Bookmark: CLICK HERE
    About: Have you ever wanted to skate at my local post office?? Of course not, but now you can if you want to. I got shady and rolled through there one day taking pictures with my phone and rebuilt it, it always appealed to me as a great place for some tech, there's a dock, some low level box kind of stuff where they normally park and load the trucks, etc... The pictures don't do much justice, I snapped them off with a quickness and got them uploaded because the servers, at least for my area, were finally up and running for a whole couple of hours.

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    Great park, glad you brought it over to SkateFluckIt!

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    fucking looks really smooth man, I will rip it and give out some critique

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