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Thread: Lifeblood's 'We Must Bleed' Full Length Skate Video.

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    Default Lifeblood's 'We Must Bleed' Full Length Skate Video.

    Before I post the video, I have a short story to tell.

    As some of you may know, I come from a relatively small town in idaho, population of about 30,000 and we recently received a new skate park which took decades to raise the money for, along with having to get the city's permission. The new park had a grand opening at the end of april and we had a few guys from the lifeblood crew come and stating they killed it just isn't enough, they landed some shit there that I won't ever even dream of landing. There was two from this video i'm about to post who came to the park, Mason Merlino and Cody Lockwood.

    That's about it, hope you enjoy the video as much as I did.

    edit: I also found a video of some of the stuff they landed that day as one of the fellow locals posted their video from their vimeo page, I should have looked there earlier. My board and feet are in the thumbnail, basically right by the main guy's beanie.

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    I skate unrealistic in real life...i just learned ungrindables at my local park !

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